Friends of Wishbone: Episode 4

April 7, 2014

Will Rice of Henco Reprographics. Many of you probably know Will as an Asheville native and all around great guy. Will and I took Cabinet and Furniture Making at Asheville High with the legendary Paul Kendrick, so I have known him for a long time. As owner of Henco Reprographics, Will plays a key part in the local business community by providing high quality blueprints – as well as any kind of print for that matter. Here he is with our recently branded pop-up tent. The work is high quality and done in a professional manner. Go see Will for any printing needs, he’ll hook it up.

Josh LittleJohn of Green Opportunities. I met Josh at Warren Wilson College. Our paths have crossed again as of late through a shared interest in energy efficiency, sustainability, and renewable energy. As a lead trainer for Green Opportunities, Josh shares his valuable skills with the community so that others can benefit from the ways of green building. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with Josh and Green Opportunities as Wishbone Tiny Homes forges onward.

Mike and Bryan of Camping World of Asheville. These guys were a great resource on our current build. By applying their expertise in RV plumbing to our tiny house, we were able to provide a great onboard water delivery and holding system for the future owner. Extremely professional and well-equipped for the job, we recommend these guys for any help you might need with your tiny house. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more episodes!

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