Wishbone is more than just tiny homes — it is a collective of projects that nurture belonging. While tiny homes are our current bread and the butter, the initiatives below are just as important to our heart. If you want to support this work, we accept donations of money, land, or skills.

100 Thousand Homes by 2030

We dream big. We set goals to inspire. We are committed to the process. Home ownership has become increasingly less accessible to more and more people including children not raised by a biological parent. In 2021, a study found that the average listing price for a home in Buncombe County was $887,504, a price completely out of range for a city with a median household income of $49,930. Wishbone aims to collaborate with 100,000 individuals and families to increase the goal of home ownership by 2030.

Buildher by Wishbone Tiny Homes

What if ‘homemaker’ were literally that — the person who created the home not just in spirit but in physical space? What if the women who create the culture inside the home were also influencing the culture of homebuilding? The Buildher facilitates capacity building for women and nonbinary people around general contracting, construction, and home repair.

Legacy Homesteads and Communities

The small footprint of tiny homes gives us all an opportunity to create more accessibility and equity in home ownership, and slow the rate of displacement. Municipalities can repurpose infill by adding Wishbone tiny homes; individuals can build one or multiple tiny homes on their land; land trusts can create tiny home communities. Join Wishbone in building the solutions for a more vibrant community.

Offset the Costs of Housing

We have so many visionary ideas at Wishbone to create affordable housing, increase home ownership, and invest in our communities to make them more welcoming, accessible, and beautiful. If you believe in our projects, we welcome your financial contribution in solidarity.