We build tiny homes & mighty communities

Elegant & Sustainable Tiny Home Designs

We build beautiful small homes on foundation, and are based in Western NC. Our models range from 200-2000 SF and maximize space and energy performance.

195 heated SF efficiency set up (360 SF including loft). Full bath, kitchen, and convertible living/bedroom area with loft.

350 heated SF (750 SF including loft and porch), 1 bedroom, 1 bath, open kitchen/living room, covered porch w/ storage doubles the floor area.

624 heated SF (874 SF including lofts), 2-story, 2-bed, 1.5 bath, with multiple decks.

768 heated SF (828 SF including loft), 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, with loft. Large kitchen/dining area on main floor, lower level features large bedroom/den/office that opens to rear patio.

Wishbone Believes

We believe in human belonging. Because unjust systems prevent that for many, we believe in the responsibility and joy of creating a future of belonging. We are rebuilding the home ownership process to be empowering and inclusive.

Predatory practices are trash.

Let’s build a network of transparent housing allies, from realtors to lenders. All folks deserve homes, which is why we’re launching 100,000 by 2030.

Tiny can be just-right.

 Tiny is what happens when we reflect on our needs and tailor a home to suit us. This means a more intentional use of land, materials, and money, plus a house that fits like a glove.

Women are crucial.

Modern construction is missing the benefit of more female perspectives. Wishbone’s Buildher program will create more women general contractors, and more ‘handywomen’ homeowners.

Community is everything.

We must live in right relationship with each other and the land. Through projects like municipality infill and community gardens, our Legacy Homesteads and Communities initiative nurtures neighborhoods as vibrant, interwoven ecosystems.

Sheltering Partnerships

When you choose to build with us, you are choosing to be part of an ecosystem of community stewardship. As part of our core mission, each new tiny home we build comes with a $250 donation to one of our partners. You pick from our partner organizations, and we make an honorary donation in your name to that group. Our current partners are Green Opportunities, Habitat for Humanity, and Arms Around ASD.

Offset the Costs of Housing

We have so many visionary ideas at Wishbone to create affordable housing, increase home ownership, and invest in our communities to make them more welcoming, accessible, and beautiful. If you believe in our projects, we welcome your financial contribution in solidarity.