The Wishbone Story

Wishbone Tiny Homes is a second generation family-owned and operated NC General Contracting company. We focus on meeting the diverse needs of the next-generation tiny home buyer. Since its inception, the company has built beautifully designed, efficiently built homes. Credentialed in Energy Auditing, LEED, and Solar PV, we offer the expertise required to build green.

We continue to partner with individuals, funders, urban and rural economic developers, and municipalities to solve housing, employment, and affordability gaps to stop the impacts of forced migration for those who need it the most. This is the core mission of Wishbone Tiny Homes. Contact us today to build your next tiny home.

About Kimmy

Kimmy Hunter acquired Wishbone Tiny Homes in December of 2020. Her passion for housing, design, community is choc full of experience in business, real estate, and serving on local commissions and boards. Kimmy is proud to be the second generation owner of Wishbone Tiny Homes because beautifully designed, efficient footprint homes represent the capacity for many people of all backgrounds to enjoy home ownership and multi-generational living.

Offset the Costs of Housing

We have so many visionary ideas at Wishbone to create affordable housing, increase home ownership, and invest in our communities to make them more welcoming, accessible, and beautiful. If you believe in our projects, we welcome your financial contribution in solidarity.