Flashing Some Purlins

March 10, 2014

These beauties can’t just go around naked, so they will get tailored jackets for year-round protection. The Purlins cantilever beyond the roof and are thus vulnerable to sun and rain. Flashing is recommended in this situation, so that is what we did… flashed our purlins!

After first cutting our 26 gauge metal to the full dimension, we laid out the lines that were to be bent on the big machine called a metal brake. The layout process requires you to plan out the folds in the metal so that you end up with the desired shape. Here we planned for a 1″ edge with a 1/2″ under fold. Not sure what I’m talking about? That’s because I am making up some lingo here and I am not a metal worker. It will become clear…

Here are some shots of the metal in the brake. This awesomely huge machine is very basic in its function. It man-handles the metal and reminds you to keep all limbs inside the ride at all times. I did the 1/2″ folds first. Next, we enter the third dimension by folding the 1″ sides 90 degrees downward. Once you enter the third dimension on the brake, it is essential to understand the order of the folds. It is quite easy to find yourself not being able to complete a fold because a previous fold is in the way. The last fold is done manually with a hand brake. I folded this upward to meet the rafter. The last picture shows a purlin flashing complete and ready for installation.

Check out the three rear purlins with their newly installed custom flashing! They are much happier under the protection of this metal. They look nice too!

Thanks for reading. As always, feel free to comment or contact us directly with questions and/or feedback.

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