Kimberly Wood Stove

March 12, 2016

We speak to many people who want to be off-grid in their tiny home. Inevitably, the discussion leads to the three primary challenges to going off the grid in a tiny home: Expense, weight, and space. Most of the options for off-grid electricity, water, and heat are expensive, heavy (a concern for a THOW), and consume a lot of valuable space. So much so that we frequently encourage people to treat the off-grid features as separate from the initial tiny home build altogether. However, there are a few products out there that bypass some of these challenges, making off-grid living more accessible to tiny home enthusiasts. The Kimberly Stove is one of them.

The Kimberly Stove was invented by Roger Lehet, of Unforgettable Fire, LLC. He developed the concept with tiny homes and RV’s in mind; it is very small, hyper-efficient, and multi-functional. Weighing 56 lbs. and standing 25 1/2″ H and 10″ W, she requires only 6-8″ of clearance from combustibles on the sides and rear, and 18″ in the front. It’s hard to believe, but this little stove can heat up to 1500 SF. Not only that, with the available thermal turbine, you can charge your cell phone with it. The top surface of the Kimberly can be used as a cooktop and the Cobb oven attachment furthers your off-grid cooking potential. Roger is currently working on more exciting attachments as we speak – they’re like apps on your phone!

The Kimberly Stove in our MH model.

The foremost consideration when Introducing a combustible appliance to a tiny home is safety. Proper clearances to combustibles and ample combustion air should both be addressed. Without a cracked window or door, a naturally drafted combustion appliance will not work at its intended level (in a small and/or tight home). More importantly, the homeowner becomes at risk for compromised indoor air quality. That is why the Kimberly has an air inlet option that connects the air supply to the outside. This, along with other reasons mentioned above, makes this stove the only one we recommend to those who want wood heat in their tiny home.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the Kimberly Wood Stove.

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