Wishbone’s Big Move: Part 1 of 2

May 1, 2014

We finally found a new location! If you’re an Ashevillain you may know Steebo’s spot at 355 Haywood Rd in West Asheville. . . well, it’s Wishbone’s spot now! We are so excited to have a new manufacturing facility in such a vibrant part of town. I am going to document the move process here in two parts. It’s a big step for us since we have been at our old location for 17 years!
Above: We rented one of those POD deals. It serves our purpose well since our occupancy at the Haywood Rd. shop will overlap for a few weeks with Steebo’s. This is a 16′ unit and it occupies the same parking space that our Wishbone Tiny Home model did just a few months ago. The game here is to fit as many things as possible inside without exceeding 4200 lbs. . . not easy with heavy machinery!

Below: Here’s a little before / after of 144 Biltmore Ave. Many a missing tool was found in the process. Many a particle of sawdust was disturbed.

Here is our new place! Stefan has brought beauty and creativity to this old sign shop since he bought it in 2003. Here you can see some of his “Serious Sculpture with a Sprinkle of Whimsy”. In the back is a patio oasis with a huge fire pit and waterfall. It’s a bit dreamy.

Here is a quick dimension scribble we took. It’s about 30′ x 60′, making 2000 sq’, with 16′ ceilings. There should be enough room for at least two tiny homes on wheels inside. That is, of course, once we upgrade the bay door from 12′ to 14′ so we can wheel those beauties in and out. From the scribbles here, we mocked up a potential set up below:

Playing around with the space is really fun. The goal is to create a work flow around the tiny homes inside. To give you a sense of scale, these are 16′ homes. I think one 30′ or three 12′ homes would fit in the space. In this Sketchup we have the wood storage on the right as you come in. Next is the radial arm saw, joiner, planer, and table saw. In the back left corner will be a few benches and other tools. My dad’s extensive chisel collection will also go there.

There is also a bathroom, shower, kitchen, and conference area! This is a marked improvement from our old shop that didn’t even have a bathroom. Sweet!

My dad says good bye to 144 Biltmore Ave and Floating World. It has been real, but it’s time for the next chapter! Stay tuned for Part 2 which will show more of the new facility. Thanks for reading!

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