Tiny Tennessee Comes To Asheville

May 19, 2014

We were recently asked to move a beautiful tiny home from Buena Vista, VA down here to Asheville, NC. Grace and her husband Michael moved to Asheville a year ago and have been missing their tiny Tennessee ever since. Tennessee, named after a beloved cat, is an 18′ tiny sanctuary on wheels. The owners wanted a peaceful place away from everything where they could hangout, meditate, and sleep. The builder achieved just that by mixing tasteful design elements with a rough-hewn look. Here is the road leading to where the tiny house was parked.
Once we arrived to Buena Vista, we had a short visit with Pat and Grace the hen. Pat travels the country talking about the art of raising chickens. Grace the hen is a lucky one that became somewhat of a favorite (and is named after Grace).

Grace and Grace the hen.

That’s Grace and me.

Pat and Grace.

Grace, Pat, Grace, and Tennessee.

To prepare Tennessee for her road trip, I affixed corrugated plastic to the vulnerable windows to minimize the risk of potential highway debris damage. After removing the leveling jacks, checking the lights and brakes, loading the stairs into the truck, and fastening the license plate to the porch, we hit the road. I had to B line it to the nearest gas station in order to fill the tires to recommended pressure. This reduced the fishtailing we were experiencing significantly. However, at speeds at or above 55 MPH, she still wanted to move left to right. This will be mitigated next time with stabilizer bars. Needless to say, the return trip to Asheville took significantly longer than the trip up to Buena Vista. It was a gorgeous drive through the Shenandoah Valley, so that helped.

Tennessee makes it through the Smokies! This tiny home looks right at home in NC. I will be moving another tiny from Marietta, GA to Delaware later this summer, so look for another post on the subject. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment with your tiny house moving story!

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