Friends of Wishbone: Episode 5

July 2, 2014

Laura and Matt of Life in 120 Square Feet. These two tiny house experts/advocates were some of the first to reach out to us last year as we were building the Wishbone Tiny Home model. They were responsible for introducing us to much of the regional tiny house community and we are quite thankful for that. Laura also writes professionally and Matt is an IT expert for IBM. Their story is quite unique, and if you haven’t already, we recommend checking it out on their website.

Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution. Drew and his wife Crystal are huge contributors to the tiny house community. They have shared their experience of building a tiny house and living in it with their kid. Additionally, Drew has been hosting a tiny house-related podcast (with the help of Laura LaVoie) for over two years. His informative and entertaining work is a huge asset to the tiny house world. Thank you, Drew, for being the magnetic force that brings people of the tiny house world together.

Suzannah and Sicily Kolbeck of La Petite Maison and Bitter/Sweet. We can’t say enough about these two. Sicily has made tremendous strides in her 14 years on the planet. Building La Petite Maison as a school project (pictured here), giving a TED talk, winning as a softball catcher, and exhibiting at the White House Maker Faire are just a few of her highlights. Suzannah makes it all possible, and simultaneously furthers her own passionate career as a teacher, counselor, and writer. We thank them both for their inspiring stories, valuable contribution to the tiny house community, and fun road trip games.

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