Wishbone’s Big Move: Part 2 of 2

July 14, 2014

Well, we are finally settling in here at 355 Haywood Rd.! Between cleanup, paint, permitting, electrical work, bay door remodeling, sign work, and Wishbone work, we have been full throttle the last two months. We are thrilled to share our progress with you, and look forward to your feedback over time. See below:

Day one after closing: assessing the work ahead and handing over utilities. Seeing the space opened up with some of our equipment in it was a new level of excitement for us. Ahead of us was a serious cleanup job and paint. Below, Stefan loads some of his last items.

The scaffolding on loan from Steve Bellich came in handy for the painting. The first wall is done here and it already feels more spacious. Is it good luck when paint poops on your shoulder? I think so. After paint, we installed these wood racks and stashed some of our materials on them. It felt great to begin the organization process.

We found a home for my dad’s drafting table set up. We call this room the think tank, the drawing room, or the lab. The next photo is a gutter job we took to right away. As you can see, a chronic drain issue was degrading the block and needed to be fixed. The gutter did the trick! On the right: we used some wood that Stefan left behind to make our mailbox post.

. . . And a little time for reflection. . .

Here Stefan removes the last remnants of Steebo Designs from the shop. He’s a magician with that crane. To the right, we are busy carving out 2 additional vertical feet for our bay door. We need the full 14′ to get our homes on wheels in and out.

Ahh, the sign. A big moment for us. On the left, I used our business card as a reference for the city (for permitting) and the sign makers next door. They did a great job matching the colors.

It’s official! Once we moved our model over to the shop, we felt like the culmination of a lot of efforts had come together. We are settling into a good routine at the shop, and the cat (Minnie Mao) is warming up to us. It’s feeling like home! Thanks for following our progress. . . please feel free to comment below.

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