Friends of Wishbone: Episode 6

October 21, 2014

Wishbone Tiny Homes enjoys establishing and maintaining healthy and prosperous relationships with local organizations. Even more so, we savor the interactions with the individuals who make them possible. Here is our chance to thank them.

Brent Starck, owner of Drift Studio, moved to Asheville from Madison, WI with his wife and four boys. Along with his family, he also brought a vast amount of creativity and experience with him. He specializes in inventing fantastic modularized furniture out of custom printed plywood using a CNC router. You won’t regret a visit to his site. Expect to see some of his work in a Wishbone Tiny Home soon!

Jason Brownlee and partner Will Evert own French Broad Boat Works. These guys hand craft world class drift boats right here in Asheville. Jason and I talk shop and fatherhood. His perspective and insight have been a huge help to Wishbone Tiny Homes. We thank him for his friendship and input. If you haven’t seen one of their boats, check out the site. They are going to be offering tours down the French Broad soon!

Kristen Salvatore, leader of Asheville Tiny House Association. Kristen started this meetup in July of 2012 and has since attracted close to 400 members. Her enthusiasm for the movement is infectious. We thank her for donating her time and resources to ATHA, which has enriched the local tiny house community greatly. Join the meetup if you haven’t already!

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