Friends of Wishbone: Episode 3

February 20, 2014

Stephen Bellich, owner of Top Notch Tree Care. Stephen and his father Steve have always been friends of Wishbone. Stephen stays very busy as a top-notch arborist. If you need any tree work of any sort, he is your guy. He has the know-how, the equipment, and the crew to get it done. Here he is helping us move a Wishbone Tiny Home.

Mike Murphy, co founder of Online Marketing and Consulting and ProctorFree. Mike has been a great friend and resource to Wishbone Tiny Homes by providing website consultation and moral support. He and his partner, Velvet Nelson, have made strides in their own entrepreneurial careers and set a great example for other new businesses to follow. If you have questions about getting an online platform going for your project, I encourage you to reach out to Mike. He is super professional and knowledgeable.

Matt and Megan of Materia Designs. Matt is pictured here comparing matching Land’s End gear with my dad. He and his wife Megan create amazing repurposed interior collections, custom furniture, and offer design services in upstate NY. I grew up with both of them and can say they have one of the best combinations of creative vision and work ethic I know. Wishbone can’t wait to collaborate with them in the near future…Stay tuned on that front. Cheers, thanks for reading.

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