Our Valuable Visit to American Cable and Rigging


November 8, 2013


Iā€™m often inspired by the business ethic of our suppliers. We needed a source for tension cable provide rack bracing in our current tiny home build. An architect friend referred me to American Cable and Rigging, a local outfit that supplies the construction and logging industries with rigging solutions. Teal and I drove down to their shop and we noticed a couple of things right off the bat.

Almost all of the employees had the same last name. They’re a family run business and that fact alone is reassuring. You can not fake the kind of pride that comes about when your family’s reputation rides on how you represent the business.

It was made very clear very early on that they were interested in what we were doing and wanted our business. In my custom door business I was often frustrated by suppliers who thought themselves too big to concern themselves with my relatively small order. Nothing guarantees my loyalty like being regarded as a real customer.

I was checking out some photos of their operation on the office wall when Jack Baker, founder and patriarch, found me and introduced himself. He gave me a rundown on the company and assured me that they take the time to do quality work and will not compromise on that idea. If you can’t wait for an order to be done right you’re out of luck. Coming from someone else this could have seemed like shameless self promotion, but honestly, I did not detect a disingenuous bone anywhere in Jack’s vicinity. He asked if I’d like a tour of the shop and I pulled Teal away from his discussion with Jack’s son, Richard Baker, because I knew neither of us would want to miss out on that opportunity.

We left with our $75 order in hand, feeling like we were the best thing to happen to American Cable that day and wanting to find additional ways to use their services.

We are always looking for ways to improve the way we run our company at Wishbone. We owe Jack and American Cable a thanks for a reminder of how good customer service can improve the quality of doing business in the world.

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