Major Progress!

November 22, 2013

This week we focus on making this tiny house a home by giving it a roof! But first, we have some prep work to do. Here, Gerry is installing one of the cedar rafters that will protect the front door entry.

The 4 x 6 cedar timbers frame this area beautifully and create a solid look.
Soffit and ridge vents came next in our pre-roofing checklist. Since our roof system will need ventilation but not insect habitation, we manufactured these nifty soffit vents. This metal mesh did the trick when shaped with a 3/4″ dowel and stapled to the back of the blocking. The mesh will compress like a gasket to allow the air to move freely over the insulation and out through the ridge vent.

Here is a good view of the ridge venting and the freshly fastened ZIP board.

Although only the first layer of roof, it feels amazingly safe and secure inside this tiny home. We are eagerly awaiting our roofing order to arrive so we can get this home fully dried in.

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