We Have Windows!

November 18, 2013

We picked up our 8 windows at Builder’s First Source and installed them today (thank you Joe Canone! . . .See his sweet business card below). The windows are a beautiful shade of red/brown and are aluminum-clad. Prior to installation, we flashed the rough openings to ensure our envelope stays dry.

Step Brothers anyone?

Proper window flashing involves managing the seems to prevent any water from making its way inside. Start with the bottom sill and work your way up. This tape is not cheap but is easily justified when you consider the cost of a leak.

Another important step is sealing up the gap between the rough opening and the window jamb. In this case we used spray foam for an air-tight seal. The excess will be removed to allow for trim. At this point, noise level inside the home dropped dramatically and gave a sense of security and comfort. . . It’s starting to feel like like a home!
The cedar outboard rafters and purlins look great! We are really pleased with our window choice here. The roof will have the same color. . .

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