Time For Some Roofing

November 27, 2013

Our roofing order came in from Triad Metal (located in South Asheville) and we put it right to use. We opted for a product called an AG Panel, which has become very popular due to its great value, function, and looks. It has the appeal of a standing-seam metal roof, without the price and tedious installation process. The “Colonial Red” we ordered matches our windows perfectly and compliments the cedar timbers well.

Here is a view from the top, giving you a sense of the layers in our roof. The 3′ sections of the AG Panels fit our 18′ roof length perfectly. Underneath the ridge cap is an adhesive seal that allows air to permeate but not insects and water. Here you can see Gerry slinging the first ridge cap up to me. This is a great system!

Nearing the end of the roof job, we had to cut a few sections to fit our front gable end framing. This was made easy by the “Turbo Shears” we purchased that attach to a drill and make cutting the 26 gauge metal a sinch (rather expensive at ~$90, but well worth it considering the future use it will receive). Notice our “sled”, as we referred to it, that sits over the ridge to make installation “safer”. I did enjoy the south western views from up there, but was always ready to get down.

The ridge cap is yet to be trimmed in these shots. The shed on the back of the home will also receive the same roof. It will contain the main electrical panel, propane tanks, and other various odds and ends. I can’t tell you how exciting this stage has been…We can say good bye to that blue tarp, and rest easy knowing this tiny home is dried in!

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