ExSiding Developments!

January 2, 2014

We were thrilled to take a step back and look at our east wall as we tacked the last piece of siding in place. Suddenly the tiny house looks like a home! Although we enjoyed this brief sense of achievement, we knew it was time to keep moving forward with the rest of the house.

As we cut each piece of siding, we were careful to reseal the ends. End grain is particularly susceptible to water penetration so we made sure to brush it on thick. Once the siding is complete we will treat all of it with one more coat. We don’t mess around with moisture!

Moving to the front of the home added to our sense of accomplishment. One note about this cedar siding is that it is prone to splitting if not fastened properly. We made sure to pre-drill nail holes at the board ends and around knots.

… And look at my beautiful pregnant wife! She makes that siding look even better! Folks, we are almost finished with the outside of this tiny house. Before long, it will be an official Wishbone Tiny Home! Thanks for reading and stay tuned…

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