Fun Details, Lots of Pics

January 9, 2014

Check out the bike that travelled across the house! I was documenting the day’s siding progress when I noticed it and started snapping shots.

The next day we finished the west wall. As you can see, we moved on to the shed as well. Our walk-up traffic has increased notably since the siding has gone up. This tiny house is its own billboard!

We carried the cedar siding forward around the porch. It brings the porch into the structure and tidies things up a bit. The reclaimed redwood trim on the corners is a great contrast with the cedar.

Below are a few examples of some more notch work that was required for the siding. I loved putting the last few planks in place on the front of the house.

Here you can see the nearly finished siding on the front of the house. We will still need to put in a door (coming soon!), trim it out, and finish the siding around it. For now, we are pleased with the progress! Thanks for following the process, and don’t hesitate to comment below.

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