Accessory Dwelling Unit: Siding, Plumbing, Landscaping

October 25, 2016

Hi folks, here’s the latest to report on our new 600 SF Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Asheville, NC. Stay tuned for more updates every week. ​​​​

​The siding and porches are complete! The board and batten compliments the lapped siding below very nicely. Now, it’s time to focus on roughing mechanicals, plumbing, and electrical. From the outside, it will begin to look like little to no progress, but on the inside, there’s a lot of action.

​So much occurs behind the walls and ceilings! This is a snapshot that demonstrates some of the challenges that take place when plumbing a tiny house. These are the second floor bathroom drain and supply lines. The 3″ PVC in the wall goes down to the grinder pump in the crawlspace. The pump will push all this grey and black water back up to the street.

Pictured here is our wonderful customer and her good friend putting in some landscaping hours. Behind is Wayne and another gentleman building a retaining wall. This was Wayne’s landscape design and he did a fantastic job. That’s why we are calling it “Wayne’s World” back here.

Here is a perspective from the property to the north. Also, notice the tiny door on the lower left – it’s an access portal to John Malkovich’s mind, which is under the otherwise wasted stair landing!

Thanks for reading everyone. We always appreciate feedback and questions, so please feel free to comment below.


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