Accessory Dwelling Unit: Windows, Siding, Deck Framing

September 14, 2016

Windows and exterior trim are the focus this week. We use almost all window types in this home: double hung, slider, awning, and casement. These are Windsor and so far we are pleased with the fit and finish.

We installed the corner trim on the house and started with siding on one end. The home is taking shape, but it really needs the double decker to make it proportionally pleasing. Soon enough!

​We are loving the siding! We are using a lapped application below and a board and batten style above. Our siding and trim crew is doing a great job paying attention to proper installations techniques of this engineered product. We had fun with the batten layout, centering it on the wall for symmetry.

. . . And the double decker is on its way!

That much needed proportion we mentioned is starting to reveal itself. We had some engineering challenges with this cantilevered deck, but with the help of some smart folks we got it resolved. These triple 2×12 girders are solid! The framing crew is hustling and doing some great carpentry.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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