Accessory Dwelling Unit: Digging, Grading, and Decking

September 7, 2016

Hi folks, here’s the latest to report on our new 600 SF Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Asheville, NC. Stay tuned for more updates every week. ​​

Well, we are dried in and happy about it. 5/8″ ZIP on the roof makes for solid and dry conditions. In this picture you can still see dirt that is earmarked for backfilling against the foundation. It will be nice to have that out of the way so we can stop walking a plank to get in the house!

Our expert grader gets to work trenching, backfilling, and grading. Water and sewer will go in this trench. One interesting aspect of this build is that we are below the street and will need a grinder pump for the sewage. The pump will live in the insulated crawl space.

More playing in the dirt: here is one of the two deck footings needed to support the deck. We dug 36″ deep to get to solid ground. There is also a deck in the rear of the home where we will have 4 more footings to dig. . . good, honest work!

Here is a shot of the first level of the “double decker” (as we’ve been calling it) going in. It measures 6’x16′, and is cantilevered 2′ beyond the posts and girder. It’s a solid look and even more solid feel. From here will be more posts and girders and deck above! The deck on this house is critical to gain more living space, but also to contribute to good proportions. Without the deck, the house would be a little gangly.

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