Accessory Dwelling Unit: Roof Framing

August 31, 2016

Hi folks, here’s the latest to report on our new 600 SF Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Asheville, NC. Stay tuned for more updates every week. ​

The second floor walls are complete and rafters are going up! We were able to raise the 26′ walls all at once. It’s actually easier said than done when you’re dealing with 2×6 Southern Yellow Pine, which is quite heavy compared to Spruce.

​After the rake rafters go up, we are clear to start installing the roof sheathing. Per usual, we are using ZIP System sheathing for walls and roof due to its labor savings and energy efficiency. We opted for 2′ eave and rake overhangs. It’s a visual preference and it has the added benefit of protecting the windows from rain (and sun in the summers).

We had a busy day today with 8 very capable human beings cutting, climbing, and nailing all over this tiny home. Fascia and soffit are going in and they look great. This ADU is tall and slender, but will gain some proportion once the decks goes in.

More next week! Thanks for reading.


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