Accessory Dwelling Unit: Roofing, Decking, Hardware

September 29, 2016

Hi folks, here’s the latest to report on our new 600 SF Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in Asheville, NC. Stay tuned for more updates every week. ​​​

​With the double decker’s rafters installed, we enjoy the view. The secondary roof protecting the porches really adds welcomed proportion to the project.

​There’s no shortage of morning sun at this home site. Mornings spent on those porches will be sweet!

​We can’t neglect the back of the house, so here’s a quick update about the rear porch. Our siding and trim crew went the extra mile and lapped the railing at the corners. This is a nice touch and will eliminate the inevitable gap that opens up with a mitered joint. More pics soon.

​It’s a busy day with roofers and framers working side by side. The roofing took 4 hours to complete and sounded like a war zone! The homeowner opted for asphalt shingles here. Typically we do a metal roof, but it’s actually really nice to change it up. Hats off to this crew that worked like a well oiled machine.
The deck required some hardware to reinforce the connection points. We could have gone with the standard Simpson stuff, but it turned out to be more expensive and more ugly than a set of custom cut 5/16″ steel brackets. We primed the hardware, including the lag screws, then had fun installing them on the double decker. That hardware really ties the room together.

That’s all for this week! Thanks for checking in. . . more next week.


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