Working Inside Has Its Ups and Downs

December 4, 2013

Although we were not quite ready to install siding at this point, it was a good time to seal our bevelled cedar material because of the frigid temperatures outside. We were warm. We were dry…But we were not without a few challenges: One, demonstrated in the shot above, was a space limitation. The other was the off-gassing. We used a great product for the job, but when this much surface area (both front and back of each board) is soaked with an oil-based protectant, it releases a lot of fumes and is a powerful experience. We were fine thanks to the hi-tech masks we used, but our neighbors upstairs were forced to crack some windows. We owe a second round of apologies to those folks – sorry guys! We had no idea the fumes would travel.

Another perk to the bad weather is that it gives my dad a chance to get back to the drawing board – hehe. Here he is showing us what real drafting looks like…no AutoCad or SketchUp for this “World’s Most Interesting Man” candidate. You can see some of his drawings on our website’s home page.

Above, my dad and my dad are standing close by a recently milled stack of alder we purchased from Steve, landlord and friend. As my dad has said, one of the perks about working on tiny houses is that no one step requires that much material. This makes reclaiming and repurposing that much more practical and easy. Although we have been productive working inside, we are more than ready to get back outside to the tiny home. Stay tuned!

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