Trim, Shed, and Porch!

December 9, 2013

We are so close to installing siding we can feel it! But, we have some critical details to take care of before we can start that step. In this shot you can see that we are installing trim around the windows. Besides creating a clean frame for our windows and an edge for our siding, our main concern here is to minimize any potential resting place for rain water and condensation. Caulk and joint management go a long way to keep our window openings dry…Not to mention all the flashing, caulk, and spray foam we used on the rough opening. These windows are bomber!

We also had to trim out a few penetrations for the water inlet (pictured here) and vent. This particular inlet has two valves: One to fill up the 30-gallon water tank (for when you are away from a source) and one to feed directly into the plumbing. When relying on the storage tank for water, a pump will create pressure in the lines. If close to a supply, a typical RV-style hose can be connected and will create all the pressure necessary.

Ah, the shed. We got to thinking it might be a good 2nd bedroom due to the amount of time we have given it. For now it has a roof, but will soon be sheathed and trimmed out. Doors will be added later to allow quick access to the electrical panel and propane tanks.

Yes! The porch is in. We chose Ipe for our porch decking. If you have never played with this stuff, it is insanely dense and heavy… And expensive. We thought it was a worthwhile splurge as the porch will be getting a lot of heavy usage over its lifetime. No sealant is necessary for this tropical hardwood. Pressure washing every few years should bring it right back to looking new. Well folks, I think we are just about ready for siding, and we can’t wait to show you! Until then…Thanks for reading!

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