First and Second Walls Up, With Sheathing!

November 5, 2013

We had the help of a friend next door to raise our first and heaviest wall. We installed sheathing prior to raising the wall, which makes glueing and screwing the ZIP board easier. The one draw back to this approach is that it adds weight to the wall, making it a little more difficult to raise.

A note about our sheathing: We prefer the AdvanTech ZIP System for a few reasons: time and money. Our price was $10/sheet (with a $3/sheet rebate available at the time). 7/16″ OSB was $20-$30/sheet at local stores. We bought two rolls of tape at $30/roll (we will need some for the roof too…more on that later) which seals up the seems. There is no need for a house wrap, so a tremendous amount of time is saved here. This product is a no-brainer.

The second wall went up according to plan. At this point you can feel the inner dimensions of the home. Honestly it feels larger than it looks. It’s easy to imagine the layout of the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. . . Thrilled about getting to the 2nd story!

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