Rigid Insulation is a Good Fit, Meets Highest ENERGY STAR Recommendations

November 1, 2013

Today we added some cross bracing to our floor framing and installed our rigid extruded polystyrene insulation. Two layers of 2″ and one layer of 1″ insulation filled the cavities well. Overall R value of the flooring system should be around 30, which is what ENERGY STAR recommends for the most harsh North American climates.

ENERGY STAR recommended levels of insulation

In anticipation of shower drain plumbing, we created this cavity. Other insulation options include traditional fiberglass, dense pack cellulose, spray foam, or sheep wool insulation.

After insulation we glued and screwed 3/4″ subfloor to the framing. This is a huge step because it feels like the real beginning of the home. Walls are next!

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