A Wishbone Tiny Home Starts Its Journey

October 28, 2013

It’s an exciting day that marks the beginning of a new tiny home. This particular home started its life at the shop of Mike Moore, a custom welder and trailer manufacturer located in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Our specifications included two 5200# axles with electronic braking, leveling jacks at the corners, and anchor points for the framing system of the home. Now its off to the Wishbone shop in Asheville, NC to have some real fun!

Here is our sketch of the trailer that Mike so diligently followed. It’s worth noting that we decided not to add the weather and pest plate guard to the bottom side of the trailer due to some feedback from Mike. It would add significant cost to the project and we could benefit from having access to the underside of the frame. We opted instead for some mounting tabs underneath that we will eventually use to install a plastic sheathing product to keep rocks, weather, and pests away from the home’s underside.

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