Tiny Home Models

Wishbone Tiny Homes offers 4 pre-designed packages to suit your needs, from 200-800 square feet. We know that you’re a scrappy DIYer; if you want to use that energy for your land and customizations, we can provide tested and true floor plans and guidance.

These tiny/small homes on foundation in Asheville, NC are designed and built to NC Residential Code, and can be used as primary dwellings and/or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Turnkey pricing for each model is based on total square footage, and includes typical site work and public utility connections.

Sevier 200

  • 195 heated sq ft (360 total)
  • $139,000+

Murdock 400

  • 350 heated sq ft (750 total)
  • $189,000+

Fulton 600

  • 624 heated sq ft (874 total)
  • $229,000+

Schilling 800

  • 728 heated sq ft (828 total)
  • $259,000+

Oak Crescent

Elegant 800 and 1100 sq ft homes.

Z Huis Blueprints

A tiny home plan ready to be built.

Offset the Costs of Housing

We have so many visionary ideas at Wishbone to create affordable housing, increase home ownership, and invest in our communities to make them more welcoming, accessible, and beautiful. If you believe in our projects, we welcome your financial contribution in solidarity.